May 30, 2013

A horde of questionable Walking Dead cards have popped up. . .

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Questionable is an understatement, if you look at the cards in these scans all of the autographs are identical, and are located in the same spots. Perhaps a walking got a hold of a color copier or something. . .

Whatever the case eBay seller jahallstar has a horde of these things. . . Buyers on NSCF have purchased some of these as well as other autographed items for sale from this seller and have confirmed they are not legitimate. Cryptozoic has been notified so hopefully these will be pulled from eBay — if not keep your eyes out for these cards.

It sounds like when viewed in person these cards are obviously not right. . . And note the blank autos do not have a hologram on the back.


February 23, 2013

If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably fake. . .

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A Blowout Cards forum tipster pointed out the Donruss George Bush autograph shown here. The autograph just doesn’t look right, and this particular set was ripe for fakes as base cards look the same as the autograph cards — at least from the front. I’d bet if you asked the seller this card isn’t numbered, and the back of the card doesn’t confirm its autographed, perhaps why this card is only at $37 with a short time left on eBay. Hopefully the buyer figures this out when they get the card and realize that there isn’t an unnumbered George Bush autograph on the checklist.

The seller is also selling fake Adam West and Lou Ferrigno American Pie buyback autographs. . . The number of fake American Pie buyback autographs is staggering.

Be careful out there, and know what you are buying. . .


February 19, 2013

BGS now requiring JSA authentication for certain non-sport autographs.

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Late last year Beckett quietly started requiring certain cards go through JSA authentication before they will grade them. This is certainly a welcome addition to the process, as readers of webjon know — lots of counterfeit non-sport autographs exist and a bunch have been graded and slabbed by BGS.

It looks like this service will cost the consumer an additional $30 — yikes, but worth it when dealing with cards that sell for hundreds of dollars. I’ve been unable to find an official list of what cards will require additional authentication. Although I’ve been able to uncover a forum post on that lists the following cards:

Jessica Alba – Dark Angel
Angelina Jolie – Tomb Raider 1 & 2
Several – Harry Potter
Chris Farley – Star Pics SNL
Katie Holmes – Batman Begins

We’ve talked about all of these, except Alba, on webjon. . . seems like Beckett owes all of the tipsters a bit of gratitude.

While it is nice to know that BGS acknowledges an issue, it seems to be that they should be actively addressing the counterfeit cards they’ve already graded. Having fake slabbed cards out there damages the credibility of the slabs.

Nice work, guys!


February 6, 2013

Questionable cards still lurking. . .

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A tipster on the Blowout Cards forum has alerted me to a few questionable cards on eBay. . .

First up Stan Lee from Rittenhouse Archive’s Spider-Man set:

If you look through the archives you’ll see that this card is an exact match to a card sold by confirmed Spider-Man counterfeit seller loveandnewyork.

Next up Alicia Silverstone and Arnold Schwarzenegger from Fleer’s Batman and Robin widevision set:

These two have also appeared on previously as well.

In general I don’t post a lot of repeat offenders on anymore — if I did every 2nd or third post would be about fake Adam West and Lou Ferrigno American Pie buybacks — so remember to do your research when buying a card you aren’t familiar with.

Thank you to the tipster, and good luck everyone!


May 31, 2012

Almost Bought a Fake President. . .

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Stupid impulse bids. . . I’ve been looking on and off for George Bush autographs from the various Donruss and other releases. He is a former president, and he’s signed for trading cards — how cool is that? The last time I threw a bid out on one of Bush’s cards from 2008 Donruss Baseball I got beaten — badly, last night I tossed out what I thought was a low-ball snipe and totally forgot about it until I received a winning bid notification. I was really excited until I saw the seller had less than stellar feedback, and my heart sunk a bit when I read the negatives they did have. . . here are two of their three negatives:

  • Fake GAI Brett Fabre auto card Beware! No response!

  • this card is suspicious. That’s why he does private listings. Compare the auto.
  • So now, after bidding, winning, and seeing bad feedback I decide it would be a good time to take a close look at the card (STUPID!).

    The B in Bush simply isn’t right. It is way too angular, and looks like it was done in 3 strokes of the pen. . . At this point I look at his other items for sale and notice a couple of forged American Pie autographs of Lou Ferrigno and Adam West. . .

    I recruited my friends at Non-Sports Card Forum for some advice and many felt the card was questionable. Some Google searching for the guy’s id: takashimurakami didn’t really turn up anything useful, partially because the ID breaks down into two apparently common words.

    Finally I searched on Blowout Card’s Forums and found a number of people pointing out fake sports card this guy has sold. . . I knew by this point my card was probably no good, thankfully I figured this all out before paying for it. I emailed seller asking if they guaranteed the card was authentic — their initial response was to send me an invoice requesting payment.

    Artist Ted Dastick Jr pointed out on NSCF that the Bush card is numbered to only 25 copies — that was a really bad sign since I found 5 completed eBay sales for it — a card released in 2008 with only 25 copies made having that many recent sales is obviously fishy. At this point I called eBay asking for advice, and explained the situation to Kristy who called the seller. Thankfully after getting some heat from eBay the seller agreed to cancel the transaction. I did ask at that point if the card was numbered to 25 and pointed out that the American Pie autographs were fake. The only response was to accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist.

    In my searching I did find some of these autographed Bush materials cards numbered to 250, a little bit of research shows that there were several versions of Bush cards that are very similar, including a relic card that was limited and numbered to 250, so people are getting the legitimate relic card and slapping a forged George Bush autograph on it and trying to pass it off as one of the versions that were limited to 25. Additionally some folks on NSCF pointed out that the legitimate version of this card says it is autographed on the back of the card. . .

    Thankfully I got away from this card without too much trouble, unfortunately it’s still out there, and the seller says be plans on selling it to the 2nd bidder. I really wish eBay would step in, but of course they won’t. . .

    Good luck out there!


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