March 13, 2015

More Questionable Relics. . .

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Seems to be a rash of these popping up — legit, or colored with a marker? Some of these are so bad they have to be altered. . .

All were on sale on eBay. . . I’ve tweeted Rittenhouse, hopefully they chime in. Follow me on twitter @the_real_webjon.

Happy Collecting.



March 3, 2015

Questionable Inkworks 4400 Relic.

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So far the non-sport card industry hasn’t been hit hard by the swatch/patch faking problem that plagues certain segments of the sports card hobby. Webjon hasn’t covered it much either, partially because it is unusual to see, but also because non-sport relics often aren’t numbered so proving a card has been altered can be next to impossible — well, that is unless the attempt to deceive is a hack job like this card a blowout card forum member alerted me to:

Inkworks 4400 Season 2 PW#5 Samantha Ferris as Nina Jarvis:

It looks like someone attempted to make this card into a bloody swatch variant, but got a bit over zealous and got fake blood all over the edge of the card. . . I can’t see Inkworks putting together cards with fabric that was sopping fake blood so this card seems questionable, at best. . .



December 12, 2013

Questionable Graded Stan Lee Auto back on eBay. . .

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This questionable Stan Lee autograph from Rittenhouse’s Spider-Man 3 set is back on eBay again:

This card was on webjon back in May, both then and now it was pointed out by a tipster from the Blowout Cards forum.

Buyer beware!


November 24, 2013

Questionable Affleck auto back on eBay.

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This card keeps getting passed around, and each time it pops up it has shown up on webjon because it doesn’t look quite right. It’s a Topps Daredevil Ben Affleck autograph and has the hallmarks of an autopen signature:

For more information and analysis on this card check out the previous webjon articles that discussed this card.

Thank you to the blowout forum tipster for pointing this card out.



November 16, 2013

More Unsigned Cards. . .

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Unsigned autograph cards seem to be a constant on eBay, here are a couple I haven’t seen before. The John Williams was forwarded to me by a tipster on Blowout cards forum.

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