December 12, 2013

Questionable Graded Stan Lee Auto back on eBay. . .

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This questionable Stan Lee autograph from Rittenhouse’s Spider-Man 3 set is back on eBay again:

This card was on webjon back in May, both then and now it was pointed out by a tipster from the Blowout Cards forum.

Buyer beware!

November 24, 2013

Questionable Affleck auto back on eBay.

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This card keeps getting passed around, and each time it pops up it has shown up on webjon because it doesn’t look quite right. It’s a Topps Daredevil Ben Affleck autograph and has the hallmarks of an autopen signature:

For more information and analysis on this card check out the previous webjon articles that discussed this card.

Thank you to the blowout forum tipster for pointing this card out.


November 16, 2013

More Unsigned Cards. . .

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Unsigned autograph cards seem to be a constant on eBay, here are a couple I haven’t seen before. The John Williams was forwarded to me by a tipster on Blowout cards forum.

November 11, 2013

Questionable Karen Allen Indy Jones Autograph.

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A Blowout cards forum tipster pointed out this Topps Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull Karen Allen autograph doesn’t look quite right . . . is it even on a sticker?

May 30, 2013

A horde of questionable Walking Dead cards have popped up. . .

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Questionable is an understatement, if you look at the cards in these scans all of the autographs are identical, and are located in the same spots. Perhaps a walking got a hold of a color copier or something. . .

Whatever the case eBay seller jahallstar has a horde of these things. . . Buyers on NSCF have purchased some of these as well as other autographed items for sale from this seller and have confirmed they are not legitimate. Cryptozoic has been notified so hopefully these will be pulled from eBay — if not keep your eyes out for these cards.

It sounds like when viewed in person these cards are obviously not right. . . And note the blank autos do not have a hologram on the back.


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