July 11, 2013

Wizard World Chicago Exhibitor List Posted!

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I’ve been stalking the Chicago Comic Con page for the last several days. The ‘Chicago Countdown’ timer clicked passed 30 days, then 29, and finally today we have the exhibitor list.

Keep in mind that it is still early and lots can change as the days pass, but there are already several card related exhibitors:

258 West Authentics
Contemporary Pinups
Aslyum Studios (not on the list, but they’ve announced they’ll be there — with exclusive promos!)

K and J Cards
Triangle Cards

Last I spoke with Henry from Juniors he was planning to attend, hopefully I can confirm that soon. I also hope to see Ed Webb and Dave Moulder.

Card Related Artists:
Alan Dyson
Amy Pronovost
Ashleigh Popplewell
Bianca Thompson
Bill Pulkovski
Billy Tucci
Brian Kong
Chris Fulton
Dan Parent
Denver Brubaker
Harvey Tolibao
Jason Metcalf
Michael Dooney
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mike Miller
Phil Ortiz
Rhiannon Owens
Rodney Ramos
Ryan Kincaid
Sara Richards
Tim Seeley

Super happy to see some people I think are new to Chicago — The Glebes and Rhi Owens for example, and am jazzed to see Sara Richard, maybe I can break my drought at her table. If I’m missing anyone from the list let me know.

The celeb list is killer for Wizard in 2012. . . I’d love to meet Norman Reedus, but I bet the line will be insane. I was hoping they’d bring back a bunch of fantasy artists after they had some last year, but I don’t see any on the list. . .

Looking forward to a great WW Chicago in 2013!



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