January 21, 2015

2 Boxes of Psych Seasons 1-4.

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Picked up two boxes of Psych for $25 a pop on Black Friday. This set has a really impressive autograph list, unfortunately a lot of the autographs don’t bring a lot of money. I was hoping to hit a Rachael Leigh Cook auto. . . while I didn’t hit her autograph I was happy to pull Robert Patrick (the T-1000) and George Takei (my first Sulu auto!). Robert Patrick’s autograph sells for $15-20 on average, Takei is a bit higher in the $25-30 range, so I got most if not all of my money back out of those two cards, but I also did well with the wardrobe cards hitting a dual wardrobe plus two other popular actors. Prices on the wardrobe cards wildly, but I’d say I the three cards could sell for between $30 and $75 total.

Overall this was a great break and the product is very underrated. . .

January 10, 2015

Sons of Anarchy Breaks. . .

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Two more boxes from Black Friday — this time one of my favorite 2014 releases Cryptozoic’s Sons of Anarchy. Crypto jammed everything into this release — patch cards, redemptions, printing plates, prop cards, dual wardrobes all of that on top of a great standard set of chase cards and autograph and wardrobe hits.

Unfortunately I didn’t find any of the more rare hits in my boxes. I also didn’t hit any of the MCs autos. There is a very deep autograph list at 25 cards in this set, and while some are definitely better than others nearly all the signatures included are people who were important characters on the show. In my case I hit Nicholas Guest as the Voice of John Teller and Jose Pablo Cantillo as Hector. The prices on these two autographs vary greatly, on average I’d say these two autos bring about $15 each. I’ve got $100 into these boxes so I was hoping to get a bit more value out of the autos.

On the plus side I have two relics left from this break. . . The Katey Sagal surprisingly only brings about $7.50. I wish the image on the card showed her in the red material featured on the swatch. The last card in my break is a Charlie Hunham relic, he’s the main character in the show so that’s a plus — on average this is about a $20 relic. The one I pulled though is a clear variant containing part of the SAMCRO logo on his shirt. I haven’t been able to find another variant so I’m not sure of the value, but it’s certainly a premium over the standard card, and might be enough to get me into a break even position on these two boxes.

January 3, 2015

Ender’s Game Box Break.

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Picked up a pair of Ender’s Game boxes from Solar Fly on Black Friday. I think they were selling for $30 or $35 a box. I was really hoping to hit a Harrison Ford, of course — or a Hailee Steinfeld (although I have to admit I’m not sure why her autographs sell for so much). . . Asa Butterfield would have been cool too.

Unfortunately I didn’t hit any of those autos, but I did pull Cameron Gaskins and Jimmy Pinchak autos. . . I managed to hit Ben Kingsley relic, which was my favorite hit. Sadly all these hits have a total value of about $20.

More Black Friday breaks coming as I slowly wander through them. . .


December 13, 2014

Black Friday Break: CBLDF Liberty.

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Personally I find Black Friday can be a great time to tip my toes into the water of a set I have been curious about. That is the case with Cryptozoic’s CBLDF Liberty. There are sketch contributions from a ton of really cool comic creators in this set, and some great autographs too. I’ve always been curious about the release, but it didn’t do well when it came out so I’ve avoided it.

Blowout had boxes for $19.95 on Black Friday. . . I missed that sale, but was happy to see them put more boxes up for sale for $24.95 so I picked up five of them. I believe this was Cryptozoic’s first set, and it shows. The cards are on very thin card stock, the only chase cards are a sticker/puzzle set that repeats base cards and the content of the set is. . . well heavy. There is a ton of information here, but I didn’t find a lot of entertainment value. I actually think this set may have worked much better as a premium pack set if they boiled down the base set to like 9 really interesting cards.

Ultimately I think very few people bought CBLDF Liberty to get educated from the backs of the cards. . . I know I didn’t. There were a couple of autographs I was hoping to hit — Gaiman or Kirkman would have been nice. Savage Dragon was one of my favorite comics so an Erik Larsen sketch or autograph would have been great. . . Ultimately I didn’t hit any of the cards on my want list. I hit 8 autographs in five boxes with no duplicates. The autos were: John Layman, Steve Lieber, Eric Powell, Phil Hester, Peter David, James Kochalka, Frank Quitely and Marv Wolfman. Some great autographs, unfortunately comic artist autos generally don’t carry much value. I had to chuckle when I saw the Steve Lieber autograph. . . back in the mid 1990s there was a comic show in Springfield, IL. . . the promoters brought a ton of great guests, including Lieber, to the show unfortunately it was very poorly attended by fans. I met Lieber and Tom Artis who were in good spirits, but clearly hoping for a better show. Somewhere I have a Tom Artis sketch that is signed “To Jon, Thanks for showing up –Artis.”

From a value perspective I think I’d be lucky to clear $25 for the base sets and 2 sticker puzzles I sorted out, and I’d be lucky to average $5 a pop on the autographs. To break even my sketches need to average $12 each. . . which really isn’t a very tall order.

Thanks to the folks on Blowout Card Forums I was able to identify all the artists. . . We have:
Remy Mokhtar, David Losso, Kate Glasheen in the top row, and Jerry Flemming and Christian James Thomas on the bottom row.

One of this issues with this release is that the content is ridiculously vast. I have no idea if any of these sketches depict comic characters or are just doodles. The quality is reasonable across the board. I like the Glasheen quiet a bit, it’ll stay in my collection. We’ll see about the others. At the end of the day I probably broke even on this break too. If I was itching for something to open I’d crack more Liberty at $25 a box.

December 5, 2014

Katie Cassidy autographs in Cryptozic’s Supernatural Seasons 1-3 may not be hand signed.

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Some astute collectors and dealers on Blowout forum and Card Talk noticed Katie Cassidy’s autograph on her Supernatural card looked a bit off. The signatures were splotchy, and showed no variation in signature — each one looked identical.

Collectors and dealers are speculating that the cards may have been ink stamped rather than hand signed. Cryptozic has announced they are looking into it, and it looks like Cassidy’s autograph has been pulled off of the pending signer list from Arrow.

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