August 15, 2014

Chicago Comic Con Dealer List Posted!

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Triangle and K and J are on the exhibitor list, which is excellent. Along with Juniors and Derek’s booth there should be a great selection of cards at the show. . . Not sure if Marco and 258 West Authentic Signatures will have cards or not, but it’s definitely worth stopping by to see.

Dan’s Cards is also listed, but I have no idea if they are a non-sport card dealer or not, and well known sport and non-sport dealer Dave and Adams Card World has a booth. . . I spoke with Dave and Adams and they will mainly be bringing comics, but they are bringing a few cards — shoot them an email ASAP with any non-sport requests.

August 14, 2014

5 Things I Hope to find at the Chicago Comic Con.

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Wizard World Chicago will be the only big convention I can attend in 2014 so I’m planning on doing it right. I’m heading into the convention with a plan.

1. Non-Sport Cards. 2013 was really a banner year for me finding awesome cards at Chicago Comic Con. Junior’s Cards and Triangle Cards took the majority of my card budget, but there was some left over for Derek and the other card dealers. Since Contemporary Pinups isn’t releasing a set at this show I should have even more funds for dealers. Specifically I’m hoping to find some cool sketch cards from Breygent’s Women of Dynamite release, some boxes of recent releases like Cryptozoic’s Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, Rittenhouse Archives’ Game of Thrones Season 3, and hopefully a few autographs from Leaf’s Pop Century. I’d really like to find some boxes of Leaf’s recent Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy sets, but that seems like a long shot. I’ll also be looking for premium packs, and as usual whatever I can get a deal on.

2. Comic/Fantasy art. Last year was a total bust for me in the art department. I’m not sure why. I even had a plan to look at specific pieces of art at the show, but the dealer couldn’t find the pieces from their website in their stock that day. In addition to checking out the dealers I’m planning on spending more time in the artists alley. . . I’ve found some really awesome art at previous Chicago Cons. Since I struck out last year I’m hoping 2014 is a smash hit.

3. Artist Return sketch cards. It seems that in the last few years more and more sketch card artists are only doing their artist return cards on a commission basis. Hopefully a few of the talented folks set up in Chicago will have some pre-drawn cards available.

4. Something from GeekRoom. GeekRoom had a really cool booth in 2014, and they were promoting their Machete trading card line. I was able to get one of the Lindsay Lohan autographed Machete cards this summer and it is a very cool card. I’m hoping that GeekRoom has a nice stock of their Machete cards and merch.

5. A unique gift. . . It seems like I always find something that makes an awesome gift at this show. Last year it was a hand made leather bound journal for my brother-in-law, in years before I’ve found cool jewelery, clothing and all kinds of interesting stuff. . . It is always fun to be the guy getting asked “Where did you find that!??!” at Christmas.

Phew. . . looks like a lot of goals and a ton of fun. . . see you at the show!


August 13, 2014

Chicago Comic Con Dealer Update #3 . . .

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Derek has confirmed he’ll be set up in the 501A booth with Nationwide Comics. He’s bringing limited stock, and may only be set up Thursday – Saturday afternoon. Drop want lists off on Card Talk, and stop by early if you want to catch him. . .

I don’t seem to have contact information for Triangle Cards — anyone have Tony’s email address, or know if he’s coming?

I’m still stalking Chicago Comic Con 2014 Exhibitor page!

Can’t wait until the show starts next week!


August 12, 2014

Some Turtles to Pass The Time. . .

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I’ve been stalking with WW Chicago site waiting for the artist and dealer list to be posted. . . but no luck. . .

To pass the time, and in honor of the TMNT movie here are some TMNT sketches from 5FINITY’s Archie release.

July 28, 2014

Chicago Comic Con Dealer Update 2 — Still batting 500.

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Marco from 258 West Authentic Signatures will be at WW Chicago! Great news, and he says he may have mystery packs available — so perhaps he’ll have some cards again this year.

I was hoping that Ed Webb would triumphantly return to WW Chicago in 2014, but it isn’t going to happen. As most of you know Ed is moving out of the area at the end of this year. . . looks like your last chance to catch him at a show in the Midwest may be the Chicago Non-Sport Card show in October.

Just over 3 weeks to WW Chicago — can’t wait!


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