February 19, 2015

10 Pack Break — Breygent’s Women of Dynamite.

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I nearly picked up packs of this product a bunch of times. . . while chatting with Henry in Junior’s booth at Wizard World Chicago I held packs in my hand. . . Henry had a great price — he always does. . . I told him I was mainly looking for Red Sonja sketches, and he told me honestly that if I was buying for Red Sonja it probably wasn’t the best purchase for me. . . but I kept on watching and waiting. . .

Then out of the blue Solarfly had a sale — $20 a pack so I picked up 10 packs. . .I thought about picking up a few more packs, but within minutes all their packs were sold out. I waited anxiously for my packs as I hadn’t picked up a sketch pack product in about a year.

The first pack held a surprise — the base cards in this set are awesome. For the first time in years I was taken back by how great the base cards looked. At the end of the day it was a good thing I liked the base cards. . . because Henry was right — I only hit 3 cards with Red Sonja.

I did ok with value — at 20 a pack (which is insanely cheap). . . I’d guess my $200 worth of packs netted me about $250 worth of sketches, which is great although realistically it’s very difficult to put a value on sketches in a set like this. Collation was an issue — I hit 2 Rian Gonzalez sketches which I was happy about since I like his work, but the 4 Jake Sumbing sketches were a bit too bad collation wise.

I think the sketch quality is decent, as always there are some really nice sketches, and a few that are below average. The sketch market is pretty flooded, and collectors are getting pretty sophisticated, so I think in order for a product like this to be really successful the below average sketches can’t exist.

Overall I’m happy with my breaks. . . but a lot of that has to do with the fact that I found these at an awesome price, if I paid $30 or more a pack I probably wouldn’t be very happy.

February 10, 2015

4 boxes of Cryptozoic’s The Guild.

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This is another product I can’t stop opening. . . picked up 4 boxes from Dave and Adams for $14.95 hoping for a Felicia Day or Wil Wheaton autograph — I’ve never been able to hit either of those autos despite opening a bunch of these boxes. It’s really hard to go wrong with 2 hits per box at $15 per box. It’s kind of a bummer this set didn’t do well, overall I think it’s a decent set. . . it just never found an audience — perhaps there just aren’t enough card collecting fans of The Guild.

I was super lucky to hit 5 autographs in 4 boxes, and one of those autographs was a variant.

Thanks to the ‘Warlock’ variant these autographs will basically cover the $60 it cost to buy these boxes –phew.

I finally found Felicia in my relics — on top of that according to many posters they ‘plaid’ material in my relic makes it a variant!

The Thorsen card may also be a variant, but that seems less clear. . . the only thing that is clear on these relics is that I have no idea what they are worth. . . I’d guess low side $35, high side $80.

Even without the key autographs I was hoping to pull I did well with this break. . .

February 2, 2015

2 Boxes Leaf’s Vampire Academy.

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Picked up 2 boxes for $19.95 each. . . I’ve never seen the movie, but the autograph list includes a pile of starlets — at $10 a hit it is hard to go wrong, and I’ve opened a ton of this product. Unfortunately these two boxes were not the best I cracked, although I did hit a red variant Claire Foy.

The autographs will bring about $25. I also hit a decent character badge card so I’d probably wind up with about $30-35 in total out of these two boxes, which isn’t bad at all for two of my worst boxes of Vampire Academy.

January 21, 2015

2 Boxes of Psych Seasons 1-4.

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Picked up two boxes of Psych for $25 a pop on Black Friday. This set has a really impressive autograph list, unfortunately a lot of the autographs don’t bring a lot of money. I was hoping to hit a Rachael Leigh Cook auto. . . while I didn’t hit her autograph I was happy to pull Robert Patrick (the T-1000) and George Takei (my first Sulu auto!). Robert Patrick’s autograph sells for $15-20 on average, Takei is a bit higher in the $25-30 range, so I got most if not all of my money back out of those two cards, but I also did well with the wardrobe cards hitting a dual wardrobe plus two other popular actors. Prices on the wardrobe cards wildly, but I’d say I the three cards could sell for between $30 and $75 total.

Overall this was a great break and the product is very underrated. . .

January 10, 2015

Sons of Anarchy Breaks. . .

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Two more boxes from Black Friday — this time one of my favorite 2014 releases Cryptozoic’s Sons of Anarchy. Crypto jammed everything into this release — patch cards, redemptions, printing plates, prop cards, dual wardrobes all of that on top of a great standard set of chase cards and autograph and wardrobe hits.

Unfortunately I didn’t find any of the more rare hits in my boxes. I also didn’t hit any of the MCs autos. There is a very deep autograph list at 25 cards in this set, and while some are definitely better than others nearly all the signatures included are people who were important characters on the show. In my case I hit Nicholas Guest as the Voice of John Teller and Jose Pablo Cantillo as Hector. The prices on these two autographs vary greatly, on average I’d say these two autos bring about $15 each. I’ve got $100 into these boxes so I was hoping to get a bit more value out of the autos.

On the plus side I have two relics left from this break. . . The Katey Sagal surprisingly only brings about $7.50. I wish the image on the card showed her in the red material featured on the swatch. The last card in my break is a Charlie Hunham relic, he’s the main character in the show so that’s a plus — on average this is about a $20 relic. The one I pulled though is a clear variant containing part of the SAMCRO logo on his shirt. I haven’t been able to find another variant so I’m not sure of the value, but it’s certainly a premium over the standard card, and might be enough to get me into a break even position on these two boxes.

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