March 2, 2014

Kickstarting Trading Cards. . . The Luxura Experience.

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When Sadlittles released their Vampress Luxura sketch card set I opened pack after pack searching for a Kirk Lindo sketch, but it eluded me. I gave up on pulling one, but watched eBay for Lindo sketches to pop up. Few did, and I was always outbid.

I never thought to look to Kickstarter for trading card projects. In hindsight it makes perfect sense, but I have to thank a poster on Card Talk for finally uniting me with a Kirk Lindo Vampress Luxura sketch. Lindo’s first Kickstarter campaign included a few sketch cards at a few levels. I bought in at the cheapest level that included sketch cards. The project funded easily, and then the wait began. I was never once anxious about receiving my Luxura swag because it actually arrived early! Included in my box was a print, a graphic novel, a 9 card card set, an autograph card and the sketch — a fantastic value!

Lindo recently ran a 2nd Kickstarter campaign, and this one funded very quickly as well, and wound up funding 25 times higher than the goal! After how well Lindo treated his backers on the first project I’m not surprised! I sat out the 2nd campaign as I already had my sketch card, but I realized I’m going to be missing out on a bunch of cards that are being produced for the 2nd campaign. Perhaps they’ll be included in a future campaign. . . I wouldn’t hesitate to buy into one of Lindo’s projects.

Congratulations Kirk and Luxura on two very successful Kickstarter campaigns . . . There are a number of trading card projects on Kickstarter, it can be fantastic way to get connected with unique an interesting projects. Drop me a line or post a comment if you know of any interesting trading card projects on Kickstarter.


February 16, 2014

Sadlittles: Cowboys and Indian Girls Break.

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It’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on in Sadlittle’s land these days. . . The website doesn’t appear to be active anymore. Their Facebook page is somewhat active — it looks like there is a Voltron set of oversize cards in the works, but other than that not much appears to be happening. Nathan’s Facebook page has a few more clues with scans of GI Joe and Masters of the Universe sketches, but he’s made it clear those are not Sadlittles releases. . .

I can’t even remember when Cowboys and Indian Girls was first mentioned, but I seem to recall it being mentioned as a possible follow up to Damsels and Dinosaurs. . . The first two cards in the set have a 2012 copyright, so this thing has been percolating for a long time. Thankfully Nathan didn’t take orders until December, and while the set was delayed a bit it arrived in a reasonable time.

The set itself is nice, all five cards are shown here. The sketches are very nice, the three highlights in my packs were an amazing Mel Uran sketch and a pair of Doug Riggsby sketches. For $9 a pack these are a fantastic value.

I’m not sure what else Nathan has up his sleeve. Voltron probably isn’t my thing, especially since it’s on oversize cards, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for whatever comes after it. . .

Here are the results of my 30 packs of Cowboys and Indian Girls. 150 packs were produced:

Base set (1 set per pack):

Sketches (1 sketch per pack):

Bonus sketches with my order. 2 Maidens, 1 Sketch Card Swap and 1 Dynamo 5.

February 2, 2014

Legends and Lore: Maidens Gallery.

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In anticipation of the newest Sadlittles release: Cowboys and Indian Girls which should be releasing very soon here is my break from the expansion set for Legends and Lore called Maidens. The Santa card is limited to only 50 copies.

The sketches came out of my 30 pack break.

January 25, 2014

Box Break: Secret Audio Club Wax Packs . . .

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I jumped at the chance to trade for a box of Wax Packs from Secret Audio Club. I didn’t know a whole lot about the project, but what I had seen was interesting. All I really knew about the release was that its main component was collectible records with some sort of a trading card feature peppered in.

I carefully peeled open the box after it arrived today not really knowing what I got myself into. . .

It had occurred to me that I don’t even own a record player, but I am a fan of independent music and a fair bit of what I listen to none of my family or friends or their friends have ever heard of, so I was up for the adventure.

Thankfully not owning a record player didn’t preclude me from enjoying this release, as each box has a trading card box topper that has a digital download code for the entire release. The card is exceptionally cool, and is one of 20 cards in the set.

There is a depth to the image on this card that isn’t even close to being captured in the scan. This card was easily the highlight of the box for me.

The packs each contained a 7 inch record, with the possibility of two different chase variations. I color vinyl per box, and mine was a cool red record with some black streaking in it. Very nice and visually appealing. I didn’t manage to find a numbered record.

Since I couldn’t pop my red vinyl on my record player I downloaded the tracks and was happy to find a bunch are actually in a music genre I really enjoy, it was fun checking out the tracks and exploring the music.

I really enjoyed the release, and think it is a great effort for a first product. Unfortunately the card content is very light in the release, and I think that is a huge missed opportunity here. While I would love to see a comprehensive release like this including band member autographs and such, just having short band bios or even information about the genre of music they play would have been very nice either on the records or preferably on cards inserted in the product. It must be noted that a bunch of information about the music is available on the website set up for this release:

If I have the opportunity I will pick up a set of these cards, but I’m sort of wondering what I’m going to do with the actual records since I don’t collect them . . .

It is definitely a fun break, and it’s a cool product. It is awesome to see an independent card project feature independent music, and from what I understand box price will be around $28. 29 tracks were included in the download, so it really is a good value.


January 21, 2014

Christmas Box Break 2. . . Dawn: New Horizons.

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The second card box under my tree was another Breygent product — Joseph Michael Linsner’s Dawn New Horizons.

I am really thrilled that Breygent continues to put out sets like Dawn, Red Sonja and Vampirella — not only am I a fan of the subject matter, but I think they produce a very fine quality set release after release, and New Horizons is no exception.

I think everyone knows that I’m looking for hits in a product. The base cards in this set are everything you’ve come to expect from Breygent. The puzzle cards have a nice texture to them that I think really sets them apart — very well done. This particular product is a wax pack based product, which is a departure from the Red Sonja and Vampirella products. Personally I prefer the premium pack or set pack format, but that would never stop me from buying a wax based product I was interested in.

Each box is loaded with three hits — two sketches as well as a comic panel. Unfortunately the comic panels are widely collected so they don’t hold a lot of value. The sketches on the other hand are hotly sought after. My sketches were by Danny Silva and Dan Day. I was really hoping to hit a Silva, and this sketch didn’t disappoint. The Dan Day card was not the best work I’ve seen by that artist, unfortunately. Dawn’s face in the card looks a bit off, and the hair and the background don’t seem quite finished.

All in all I was thrilled to pull a Danny Silva sketch and really enjoy this product.

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